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It's taken a long time to get where I am today. And where I am, feels like the start of my professional photography career. After many years and hundreds of hours spent reading equipment and software manuals, watching tutorials, attending photography conferences, taking college courses, sitting under photography masters, and living through much frustration and failure, I'm finally comfortable in my craft. 

Photography is no doubt, my one great love. 
And I know that whomever steps in front of my lens is going to reap the benefits of my unyielding pursuit of portrait perfection.  I really only have one goal when I pick up the camera; that the final image is going to be first-rate, breathtaking and inspiring.  

My forte is portraits, be it individual or family. I also specialize in event photography, corporate headshots, real estate and product photography and will deliver outstanding images that you will love! As part of my resources, I also have a professional videographer and FAA certified drone operator available if you need a complete photo/video/aerial package.
I look forward to working with you very soon! 

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A huge THANK YOU to all the individuals, families and businesses that have hired me over the years. My clients are the best!

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